Laboratory tests

Modern Laboratory – Laboratory tests

The operation of the Laboratory – laboratory tests do not replace medical examination; consequently, in all cases only the doctor can give an accurate diagnosis, and only the doctor can prescribe the necessary treatment.

An indispensable prerequisite of a quick and accurate diagnosis is the use of up-to-date laboratory diagnosis.

One of the most frequently used complementary diagnostic methods in diagnosing diseases is laboratory testing.

In the framework of private healthcare, you do not need a referral to initiate payable Laboratory testing.

The scope of laboratory testing

  • blood test (blood counts, biochemical parameters of the blood, ions, hormones, virus tests)
  • urine analysis (physical analysis, microscopic analysis, bacteriological test)
  • stool test (parasitology test, digestion, bacteriological test)
  • skin scrapping analysis (microscopic analysis of parasites, bacteriological test and fungal test)
  • other bodily secretions tests (e.g. eye, ear, nose, throat, wound, vagina, prostate)
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Laboratory tests - Price information

Our prices are gross prices in HUF. In our institution you can pay in cash or by bankcard.

Information on the laboratory tests prices as well as on special examinations is available on the following numbers:

  • Landline: +36-1-998-0000
  • Mobile: +36-30-641-0000