Modern Medical Screening

Assessment of risk factors: The purpose of screening may be to identify future possible diseases which have not manifested themselves yet, or to assess examinations performed with no regard to specific individual risks as well as to assess specific risk factors.


Having noticed the specific complaints, in order to explore their cause, it is worth doing medical screening once a year. 

Most latent problems may lead to certain diseases. The complex screening packages are suitable to make a quick and precise expert diagnosis for the maintenance of your health. 

The assessment of the state of health, and screenings for the timely detection of diseases.


Making appointments for Screenings on phone:

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.



Screening packages which are the following:

For further information on Screening packages prices as well as special examinations dial the following numbers:

  • Landline: +36-1-998-0000
  • Mobile number: +36-30-641-0000