The 2D - 3D - baby cinema, we make pictures of the fetus that can be enjoyed by parents as well, in two-dimensional resp. in three-dimensions, as well as video recording, they can enjoy the baby’s movement. After the examination, the parents can take the finished image home in a form that can be viewed on a computer. The test is not suitable for diagnosis.

Ultrasound scan procedure

The test is usually performed in a supine position, with the Patient exposing the part of the body to be examined, as the skin surface must be coated with a gel to help spread it so that there is no reflection in the small amount of air between the test head and the skin.

By moving different probes for different tests, the organs can be viewed from several directions on the surface, whether during movement, deep inhalation, or pressure.

The examining doctor will freeze, digitally or print the image taken by the device, or even record it on video.

Images can even be measured retrospectively and used to perform various calculations on the machine, such as estimating bladder fluid content in the event of urinary incontinence.

What you should know before the test

Do not eat for 5-6 hours before the test, but carbonated and tasteless water can be consumed and is even recommended. Consumption of coffee should be avoided as it may affect the test result by causing gallbladder contraction.

It is not recommended to eat legumes and gassing foods on the day before the test, (kale, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflower, etc.)

The examination requires the bladder to be full, which helps in a more accurate assessment of the pelvic organs (male and female genitals).

If you have had a mirror examination (one in which air is passed into the intestinal tract), there should be a 2-day break between abdominal / pelvic examinations.

If you have had a previous examination or have previous findings, other examination results, (CT, MR, laboratory examinations) medical documentation (outpatient sheet, final report) in connection with the given complaints, please bring your full material, including the recordings, CD to make a more accurate assessment to help you recover!


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