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The Hungarian-owned Margit Medical Center opened its doors in June 2016 intending to create a modern complex health and diagnostic, medical imaging center in Hungary - a well-equipped center!

The health center has the most modern diagnostic equipment, a well-equipped and modern operating room for interventions, and an ultra-modern laboratory.

The leading group of companies, even with more than 20 years of professional experience in imaging diagnostics, and with its excellent radiologists and the team of section assistants and specialists help the flawless operation of the health center.

For Doctors, excellent tools are also essential for diagnosing certain diseases, and fast and accurate operation of the center is also essential.


They said about us

At the end of the year, I was on osteoporosis examination, price, quality was perfectly adequate, it was a much more thorough examination than I was used to on Karolina Road in the state health care. I was on an abdominal / pelvic ultrasound for 1 week, but I haven’t received such a thorough examination yet. The doctor has been examining the area several times, wherever I have indicated a small sensitivity. At the receptionist ladies, I saw the peak period myself - many are standing at the counter waiting for administration, the doctors give the results of the examinations, they do the billing, while the phone is constantly ringing, and I heard someone talk for 15 minutes that they don't even know what examination was he requesting and when. This is how the "service" slips. I thank you for receiving much above average care and also recommend it to my friends.

Nagy Péterné, Source: Google rating

Serious and impeccable professional attitude to people. And Dr. Károly Fábián gave human and moral proof of what a real DOCTOR should be like. HUGE RESPECT HATALMAS RESPECT

Kovács Zoltán, source: Google rating

I wanted a skull CT, but after accurate professional information, the best examination for me — in my case, an MR scan — was done so I didn’t get unnecessary radiation exposure. Thanks!

Lestákné Balaska Márta, source: Google rating


Hesitant? Are you afraid of what an examination/treatment will be like for us? Check out this video of our clinic!


We are at your disposal with state-of-the-art equipment and recognized Doctors.

Our specialists

Complex problem management

If we are approached with several health problems or complaints, and the results of the analyzes carried out in various fields, they will be compiled by a specialist who will accompany and assist until full recovery.


You can and should choose from several consultations by specialists, you can inquire about the orders by phone or in-person and you can also book an appointment. .

Follow - up

We pay special attention to how to follow the path of those who turn to us even after healing, this is helped by various screenings, which can prevent the development of diseases in a preventive way.

Excellent doctors

Our colleagues with an outstanding professional background in the healthcare service sector and in the field of radiology are available at the Margit Medical Center.

In balance with the environment

Both the narrower and wider environment has great importance for maintaining health and healing.

We also organize and shape our home, our daily life and our working conditions in the way we protect and protect our health. We train, maintain our body, pay attention to eating and at the same time strive for a state of spiritual balance.

We believe in how expertise…

In addition to the use of modern medical devices, the environment also plays a very important role in maintaining health and healing. At the Margit Medical Center we are waiting for you in a soothing, beautiful environment and we will take care of your recovery with maximum attention, with the help of the most modern medical technology. However, in addition to all this, professional medical care must be easily, quickly, and conveniently to be available, and to ensure your recovery in a soothing, pleasant environment.