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In otolaryngology, we use endoscopic and ultrasound examinations to explore the cause of our patients' complaints and provide complex cure.

Laryngitis, difficulties by breathing, vocal cords, and even allergic complaints are among the areas of otolaryngology, as are olfactory disturbances, frequent nosebleeds, snoring, or tonsillitis.

As the ear and its internal parts play an important role in balancing in addition to hearing, it is common that ear problems are accompanied by dizziness, balance, and movement complaints. If you experience something like this, or ear infections, ringing in the ears, or ear clogs, it is very important to see an otolaryngologist as soon as possible to find out the causes, as mild symptoms can even lead to permanent hearing loss.

Otorhinolaryngology is also recommended for prolonged, long-term respiratory complaints.

What happens during an ENT consultation?

  • Query basic data, family and individual medical history
  • Add specific complaints
  • physical examination, diagnostics (endoscopic, microscopic examinations)
  • If necessary, collection of secretions for further diagnosis, or cleansing, aspiration
  • Additional CT , MR , or other tests may follow

What to bring?

  • if any, previous findings, test results
  • if your complaints are related to previous illnesses, the relevant documentation may be required
  • names of medicines taken

Our Specialists

Dr. Zsuzsanna Dulovics

ear, nose and throat specialist

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