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Hematology deals with diseases of the blood, hematopoietic and lymphatic organs. With almost any symptom we seek from a doctor, there is a good chance that a blood sample will be part of the test, as many things about the functioning and condition of the body can be learned from the blood count.

If the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets is more or less than necessary, or if the body is not working properly, hematological or other diseases develop in the body. Such a quantitative discrepancy is often revealed in a general laboratory blood sample .

Decreased red blood cell counts cause anemia, which is often caused by iron deficiency in young women. Blood clots are a type of blood clotting disorder that can lead to thrombosis, tumors in the bone marrow or lymphatic systems such as leukemia or lymphoma are also hematological diseases. It is true for all those above, that early detection and early treatment are very important.

What problems belong to a hematologist?

  • if your blood test during the lab showed anemia or other abnormalities
  • Frequent dizziness, weakness, headache, fatigue, pale skin
  • nosebleeds, prolonged bleeding e.g. after dental surgery
  • long-standing fever
  • Lump appearance in armpits, neck
  • Swelling of the legs, unexplained limb pain
  • Frequent appearance of blue spots

What happens during the consultation, examination?

  • Query basic data, family and individual medical history
  • Add specific complaints
  • General physical examination, diagnostics
  • lab test, possibly ultrasound , CT , MRI examination
  • Cytological sampling, histological examination (bone marrow, lymph node) if necessary

What to bring?

  • if you have laboratory findings, blood counts, their documentation
  • if any, findings of previous surgeries, interventions, examinations
  • names of medicines taken