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Internal medicine

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The internal medicine specialist deals with the internal organs of the person, the treatment of their pathological changes and diseases.

Several specializations have emerged, such as gastroenterology for stomach complaints or endocrinology for hormonal diseases. However, with such complaints, it is advisable to go to an internal medicine doctor first, who will compile the course of the examination, the treatment plan and, if necessary, refer him/her to the appropriate specialist.

Besides, the internal medicine clinic can be contacted with any complaints that are difficult to specify and are more general. Typically, general discomfort feeling, such as fatigue, feeling weak, if we fail to rest, fall asleep, or if we are simply not sure which specialist to go to. In such cases, feel free to register with an internal physician.

Once we are free of complaints, it is enough to go for a preventive internal medicine screening once a year.

What problems belong to an internist?

  • More common symptoms: malaise, malaise, fatigue, tiredness, weakness, frequent headaches, dizziness, etc.
  • Stomach problems, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, suspected reflux
  • High blood pressure, blood pressure fluctuations, chest pain
  • General internal medicine examination during pregnancy, before surgeries
  • Respiratory diseases, respiratory problems, fever
  • as well as any issues that may require investigation due to uncertainty

What happens during the consultation, examination?

  • Gathering basic data, family and individual medical history
  • Add specific complaints
  • Discuss important lifestyle issues
  • Physical examination, lung and heart sound, blood pressure measurement
  • lab , ultrasound , as needed, ECG , further guidance for other specialist examinations

What to bring?

  • if any, the results of previous treatments, test results, final report
  • if available, laboratory and imaging results (ultrasound, CT, etc.)
  • the names of the medicines you have taken

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