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Our medical centre uses the up-to-date GE Lunar Prodigy Primo.

The device can measure bone mineral content, confirm or exclude osteoporosis and estimate fracture risk.

Bone mineral density measurement is recommended for both sexes over the age of 40, e.g. in the case of genetic predisposition, menopause, taking osteoporosis drugs, thyroid and metabolic diseases.

The device works with very low radiation exposure, so has no harmful effects.

You can eat and drink before the test, no preparation is necessary, it is completely painless, lasts about 10-15 minutes, no undressing is required.

No referral required.
Short appointment time. We can perform the test on the same day.
The result of the measurement will be given to you immediately after the test.

Related prices

Name Price
Forearm measurement 8 500 HUF
Spine + one side femoral neck measurement 14 500 HUF
Spine + femoral neck measurement on both sides 17 000 HUF
Spine + femoral neck on both sides + forearm measurement 18 000 HUF
Total body composition measurement (determine accurate body fat distribution and muscle mass) 20 500 HUF

DEXA – Bone density measurement

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