Address of the clinic
1027 Bp., Henger utca 2/B
Phone number
+36 1 998 0000 email

Operating room for rent

The clinic has a well-equipped surgery room. The surgery room is suitable for minor outpatient and one-day surgery, urology, vascular surgery, gynaecology and plastic surgery. After the surgery patients can recover in our comfortable, well room. The premises are available for rent with full infrastructure, staff and all-inclusive services for private medical practice. Our operating room is currently equipped to perform outpatient surgery, urology, dermatology, vascular surgery, gynaecology and plastic surgery.
The operating room is equipped with:

A ward with 2 LOJER-type beds for post-operative observation is available. A COMEN C50 patient monitoring monitor system and mobile oxygen administration facilities are available for each patient bed. A separate bathroom is available in the room for our patients.

Optional services:

For details, contact us at one of the following contacts:

Tel.: +36 30 699 5787


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