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Breast ultrasound is the first recommended method of screening under 30 years of age, and is an additional test to mammography in later years. Fluid-containing images are an excellent method for detecting cysts, a common cause of painful "lump" sensations. It also includes examination of draining lymphatic vessels.

Ultrasound examination procedure

The examination is usually performed in the supine position, with the patient exposing the part of the body to be examined, as the skin surface must be coated with a spreading gel to prevent clotting in the little air between the probe and the skin.

For different examinations the organs can be inspected from several directions by moving a different probe head over the surface, either in motion, in deep inhalation or under pressure.

The examining doctor can take a digital or printed image of the equipment or even record it on video.

The images can even be measured afterwards and the machine can be used to perform various calculations, such as estimating the bladder fluid content in case of difficulty in passing urine

What to know before the test

If you have had a previous examination or if you have previous findings, other test results (CT, MRI, laboratory tests), medical documentation (outpatient sheet, final report) for the complaint in question, please bring all your material, including the images taken, CDs, so that we can make a more accurate assessment to help you recover.

Related prices

Name Price
Abdominal pelvis (male / female) ultrasound examination 30 000 HUF
Abdominal pelvis (male / female) ultrasound examination + retention measurement 35 000 HUF
Retention measurement (male / female) 28 000 HUF
Pelvic ultrasound examination in men 30 000 HUF
Thyroid (including lymph nodes) UH examination 30 000 HUF
Breast + armpit ultrasound examination 33 000 HUF
Carotid ultrasound examination (2 vessels) 30 000 HUF
Lower extremity venous ultrasound examination (per piece) 30 000 HUF
Penis ultrasound examination 28 000 HUF
Testicles US test 30 000 HUF
Rectal prostate ultrasound examination 33 600 HUF
Heart ultrasound examination 46 800 HUF
Soft tissue ultrasound examination 28 000 HUF
Kidney ultrasound examination 30 000 HUF
Neck ultrasound examination 30 000 HUF

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