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Mammography is a modern imaging test and the only way today to detect breast tumours, diseases and indirect signs of breast cancer in time to successfully treat them at an early stage. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world and the first in women, which is why women over 40 should be screened annually with mammography.

Regular self-examination is essential, but it is not a substitute for screening. This specialised X-ray technique can detect even the smallest soft tissue lesions, which is crucial because the earlier the lesion is diagnosed, the more successful the treatment.

Mammography screening is particularly important for women with a family history of breast cancer, overweight, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, taking hormone replacement drugs, or for women who are childless or have given birth over the age of 35.

It is important to know that both sexes are affected, so it is also recommended that men should be tested if they have a complaint.

The mammography test

The test consists of two parts: an X-ray mammography and a breast ultrasound scan. The imaging is done using low-energy ionising radiation, so there is very little risk of radiation.

When is breast examination recommended?

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What should you bring with you to the examination?

Related prices

Name Price
Complex Mammography 48 000 HUF
X-ray. Mammographic 30 000 HUF
Additional mammographic recording, per recording 18 000 HUF
UH-guided aspiration cytology 54 000 HUF
UH-guided core biopsy 58 800 HUF
Ultrasound-guided preoperative wire marking 46 800 HUF
Core biopsy * 54 000 HUF
Clip marking (for neoadjuvant treatment) 58 800 HUF

* This amount includes an accurate differential diagnosis of the malignant tumor. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to test for additional reactions at a cost of HUF 7,000 each. This amount, which may be incurred, will be billed and settled upon receipt of the result, subject to prior consultation with the Patient.

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