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Lactose intolerance (lactose sensitivity) – Margit Medical Center

Lactose intolerance (lactose sensitivity)

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Milk and dairy products are our most traditional foods, the calcium content of which is essential, especially for the bones and immune systems of the developing organism.

Milk is a major component of many of our foods.

Lactose is a sugar in milk and dairy products that is biodegrading by the enzyme lactase in the small intestine.

If this lactase enzyme is not present or is present in reduced levels, lactose is passed on intact to the colon, where it causes complaints that can be associated with the growth of gaseous bacteria.

The main symptoms are very unwell, skin symptoms, abdominal cramps, bloating, urgent diarrhea, constipation, possibly vomiting.

There are two forms of lactose intolerance:

  1. Primary or primary lactose intolerance:

rare, congenital condition. The enzyme lactase is already absent at birth. It is also unable to digest breast milk.

  1. Secondary or acquired lactose intolerance:

caused by diseases affecting the small intestine e.g. contaminated small bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, gluten sensitivity, antibiotic treatment, intestinal infectious diseases, immunosuppressive e.g. chemotherapy treatments.

Possible ways to set up a diagnosis:

  • H2 exhalation test
  • Lactose intolerance genetic testing

The population is approx. 10-15% are affected by lactose intolerance, it is easy to detect, at the Margit Medical Center our gastroenterologist evaluates his findings and also makes a recommendation to his family doctor to use the personal tax allowance due to the individual right.

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